Science and Tech for Kids

As a kid, I was always fascinated by the idea of robots. I wanted to build my own robot, but I didnt’ know anything about programming, and I couldn’t afford to buy any parts for a robot. Now that I’m older, I actually know about robots and how to make them. I made a prototype for a robot that kids could easily build on their own and program, but I wanted it to work with an app. I’m not that great at app making, so I found a mobile apps developer in Singapore that would be able to help me make one.

The app needed to be able to direct the actions of the robot beyond simply telling to go left and right. Continue reading Science and Tech for Kids

My Spouse Found a Great Way to Treat Her Back During a Very Trying Time

When my wife received a cancer diagnosis from her doctor, we were stunned at the amount of medication she needed to start taking. All of them were very important, so that wasn’t a problem. It is just a bit startling to go from not needing any prescriptions to suddenly needed many. It is for this reason that she chose to go to a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA when she suddenly began having issues with her back during that time of her life. She said that she felt more comfortable not adding any type of pain pills to the prescription regimen that she was already following for her treatment.

My wife and I are both lucky that she is cancer-free now. We are very aware of how many other people are not so lucky. I deem myself lucky because I certainly was not ready to lose my wife. Continue reading My Spouse Found a Great Way to Treat Her Back During a Very Trying Time

Getting Some Help for Chronic Back Pain That Just Would Not Go Away

There is not a lot I can say about my back pain other than it hurt and burned. It was an ache that was persistent, and I had pretty much figured it would always be there. It never fully went away, but I had some days that were far better than others. Some days the pain was so bad that I could not get comfortable standing, sitting or lying down. I have been to doctors who prescribed me painkillers that upset my stomach. My neighbor pushed me into going to a chiropractor in Camas WA for treatment.

It was my first experience with chiropractic medicine, and I was not holding out any hope of it actually doing me any good. Continue reading Getting Some Help for Chronic Back Pain That Just Would Not Go Away

I Am Saving Up My Money

I have to figure out exactly what I am going to do, because I clearly need more money than I have before I go off to University. In fact I have been working a number of jobs and doing some things on the side. Today I picked up a little money doing flyer distribution in Singapore, which seems to be something that would embarrass some of my friends. I had to laugh at them acting as though this would bring shame to their families. It is a job, plain and simple. Obviously it is not the job that you would pick if you had the ability to choose from all of the jobs in the world, but they pay you and I need the money. So it does not bother me a bit. Of course for the most part people act as though you have the plague. Many of them take the flyers and throw them away without ever even looking at them, but it is not my job to make them read the things. Continue reading I Am Saving Up My Money

When Your Child Has His First Bad Toothache, You Find a Dentist Fast

I would say that it would be rare for a kid to go through childhood without a toothache. I would say it is especially true with all the sugars in the foods kids typically eat. Can you imagine that cereal is advertised as being healthy, and sugar is almost always the second or third ingredient? Well, we go easy on the breakfast cereals, but we still have a kid that got his first bad toothache. We had just moved within the last few weeks, and we found ourselves looking for a good dentist for Denver CO. When you have a child with a toothache, you need an appointment in a hurry.

I am very happy they were able to see us right away. I have been in the situation of having a terrible toothache and having to wait days for a dental appointment. I actually ended up in the ER once with the pain from an abscess. Even though they said I had a bad infection and they gave me IV antibiotics and injected painkillers, they still did not take out the tooth. Continue reading When Your Child Has His First Bad Toothache, You Find a Dentist Fast

I’ll Take the Pain for a While

I always go to the annual cheese steak festival in Philadelphia. They always have cooks that make the tastiest cheese steaks anyone has ever eaten. I bought a tasty cheese steak and was having a good time until the moment when I injured my back. I slipped on some trash and fell backwards. I had only taken a couple of bites out of my cheese steak before I had to stop. I had to see a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA, but I wasn’t going to let go of my cheese steak. As I was laying on the ground in pain, I continued to eat the cheese steak, feeling the pain of my injury with each bite and swallow.

The injury was only a mild one, which was good because it meant that I would have a short recovery time. Unfortunately, because of the injury, I missed the rest of the cheese steak festival. There were so many variations of the sandwich that I didn’t get to try because I was in too much pain and had to get treatment. The festival comes around each year, so I’ll be able to go again, but it still makes me sad that I had to miss the rest of that festival.

The next time I go to the festival, I’m going to watch out for anything that may be on the ground. I never thought about it before, but a lot of litter is left on the ground during the festival, and multiple people have to clean it all up. I’m going to do my part to make the festival cleaner by picking up any trash that I see left on the ground, and I’m going to volunteer to be on the clean up committee. Maybe they’ll let me get some cheese steaks for free if I clean up all of the garbage from the ground.

The Sacramento HVAC Services Repair Technician Got Our Old AC System Running Like New Again

Hot was an understatement. It was above the average temperature for that week by a good margin. Of course, that is the time the air conditioner decides to go on the blink. It was so hot in our house that we were calling to make reservations to stay at a local hotel. I figured that we would have to wait for a couple of days to get it fixed due to so many service calls coming in because of the mini heat wave. I called a company that provides Sacramento HVAC services, and they said they could send someone out in about an hour. I was a bit nervous thinking I might have called a place that no one wants to use. However, they assured me that they anticipate the mad rush for service calls in the summer and winter, and they make sure they are ready.

It was a little less than an hour later that an HVAC repair specialist showed up at our door. He came in and assessed what the problem was immediately. Continue reading The Sacramento HVAC Services Repair Technician Got Our Old AC System Running Like New Again

We Are Meant to Live Here

There is one reason that I wanted to look at the New Futura condo development. It is in the perfect location, and I knew that if the condos and exterior features were what I was imagining, that it would become my next home. I have a good imagination, but what I saw when I finally looked at some pictures and layouts of the condos really went above and beyond. Even if this development would have been in a different location, I would have fallen in love with what I saw there and chose it anyway.

My husband and I have three grown children, and they have blessed us with seven grandchildren between all of them. They all have their own homes, but the grandkids do come and stay with us for days at a time when they are able to. Continue reading We Are Meant to Live Here

My Dad Needed Help with His Cleaning Duties

My dad is probably the most stubborn man I know. I know how to deal with him though because I am probably the second most stubborn man I know. When his doctor told him to slow down so he could recuperate properly after a major illness, he was concerned enough to involve me in the conversation. Obviously, Dad’s doctor knows him well too! He told me that even basic things like bending over to clean the floor could hurt him, so I knew that I was going to contact a company that does cleaning services in Singapore.

I also knew that my dad was not going to be happy with this, but that was just tough. Even though he is stubborn and frustrating, I love him beyond words. Continue reading My Dad Needed Help with His Cleaning Duties

My Son is Even More Committed Now

While it is ideal for only enthusiastic people to go into the teaching field, it is not always the case. I know when I was in school, I did best in the classes where I knew the teacher was interested in actually having the class learn the material rather than just do enough to get by. My son has been lucky up until this last year in having teachers like that as well. His physics teacher was on the dull side though, which can make learning hard! I looked into physics tuition as soon as he told me that he was struggling in her class because I knew that this was a course that he needed to excel in.

The world has always used physics, but it is even more important today because of technology, space travel, and so much more. I knew that my son was going to use physics in the career choice he wanted, so it was important to help him have a solid foundation in it. Continue reading My Son is Even More Committed Now

I Make a Good Living at Doing What I Love to Do

I loved my job as a part time helper for Singapore citizens. I am really social, and I enjoy meeting new people all of the time. I found that I often ended up working for seniors because they always need an extra hand around their homes when getting things done becomes harder for them. Due to their age, a lot of them are retired. This means that they were often home when I went over to their house to get work done. Over time, I had really gotten to know quite a few of them quite well. I would say that they are all my friends. Then, one day, one of them hired me to help her out full time.

I do not do well as a loner. I love to get energy from other people, and I really like having the ability to do the same for other people as well. Continue reading I Make a Good Living at Doing What I Love to Do

I Am Looking for an Online School

The plan is pretty easy when you just say it. I am going to look for a jc physics tuition, on the web and keep working in the day time while I work on an associate’s degree at night. I figure that it could be done rather quickly if I was dedicated. Of course it is just a matter of whether or not you are willing to do the work that has to be done or not. You bear down and get it done as quickly as possible and then you have the degree. My boss will give me a good raise once I finish this part of it and that is the true objective. Of course my current job is just a way station in my mind. Continue reading I Am Looking for an Online School

We Should Respect the Office of the President of the United States

People today really seem to enjoy any sort of scandal. It could be something mild or serious. I call them “Springers” because they really do remind me of the audience of shows on TV like the Jerry Springer show. What is it that has us wanting to mind other people’s business so much? Our president seems to enjoy participating in some of these things, and the nation certainly hangs on every little bit of Trump news that comes out. There is an old saying how even bad publicity is good, but I cannot really buy into that. My upbringing tells me that we should not hang out dirty laundry or be nosy about our neighbors personal lives.

Politics has always been interesting as far as arguing, backbiting and backstabbing goes. Pretty much every American is familiar with the term “mudslinging” when it comes to politicians and elections. Continue reading We Should Respect the Office of the President of the United States

I Found a Much Better Apartment

Of course this was not the sort of place that I was looking for and the truth is that it does not seem to me as though it is going to be very long until a property developer comes along and runs me off. There is one going around this area buying up the local properties and then the first thing they do is try to run off the tenants. The place I live at has a TCM clinic on one corner of the ground floor and there are a number of shops and restaurants as well. Above that there are three stories and most of the flats are occupied by the same families that run the businesses on the ground floor. They apparently own a part of the building too, enough of it so that they can veto the deal to sell the place unless they really like it. The old guy that showed me the place told me as much at the time. He did not make me sign a lease and he told me there was a reason that he did not. Continue reading I Found a Much Better Apartment

I Met a Really Sweet Girl

I have been here in Singapore for about one and a half months at this date, already things have been going really well. I somehow got a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, though it was not through any skill of my own. I met the girl at this New Futura condo, a brand new high rise building where I was doing some inspections. At any rate she was one of the sales girls who shows off the condos and at first she believed that I was there to look at condos. I was working there for about a week and I ran into her about four or five times before she asked me out. Continue reading I Met a Really Sweet Girl

Our Little Girl is Growing Up Way Too Fast

My wife and our little girl went to get their nails done today. It was a mommy and daughter day. I say little girl, but she is a teenager now. She came back with watermelons painted on her fingernails, and my wife got the French nail design. They go to a place that paints designs, uses decals and even does acrylic nails in Singapore. It was one of those dad moments when I saw our young teenager with watermelon nails. It had the cute factor that reminded me of when she was younger, but her hair and features now were losing that little girl look. I was having a hard time even considering that our little girl was becoming a woman. That is a freaky time for dads everywhere. My mind was jumping ahead to when she would be married and bringing home a little girl of her own. Continue reading Our Little Girl is Growing Up Way Too Fast

The Pros Do It Better

Sometimes I like to hire a one time cleaning service in Singapore because I just relax for a while. It’s nice to have someone take over the reins of cleaning a house. I don’t really need a special occasion for it to happen. Any time I feel like I’m out of energy and don’t want to do anything, I’ll just hire the service and they’ll take care of the rest of it with no questions asked. It’s amazing that we live in a time period where this is easy to do. There are an abundance of cleaning services, but I think I’ve hired the best one.

I didn’t always have a service to clean my home. I used to have to do it all myself and it was so tedious. Continue reading The Pros Do It Better

Dad Needs Help Cleaning His Place

I wanted to get someone to help my dad with cleaning his house. My mom used to take care of all that, but she has temporarily moved to England to help care for her sick mum. She plans on being there for at least two or three months, and I knew that my dad just did not have the time nor the inclination to keep the house the same way my mom does. I knew he would balk if the house cleaning prices were too high, so I started comparing the different companies that offer this service to see which one was the most reasonable. Continue reading Dad Needs Help Cleaning His Place

Getting the Whole Package Sure Makes You Feel Beautiful

I looked at various places to get a manicure and pedicure in Singapore due to the fact that I was going out on an important date and wanted to look my absolute best. The man I met is very important to me and frankly I’m a lady who is definitely looking to walk down the aisle in the next few years. I’m not getting any younger, and that means I’ve got to land a man while competing with women who are a lot younger than me. My secret weapon is that I’ve got money to get the best cosmetic work done.

I’ve been going to a salon for a few years that is the best in town in my opinion. I think they’re one of the best kept secrets in this city and I’ve visited them many times for nail work and other stuff that I needed done. With this hot date coming up, I thought I’d pull out all the stops and get all my nails done. I wanted a manicure and a pedicure so I could wear open toe heels and look great above and below. I know they do great work so I wasn’t worried about it.

I realized I’d never had a pedicure before and started getting a bit nervous about it. I thought it would hurt because the thing about pedicures and manicures is that they’ll push back the skin around your nails in order to expose the full nail. That can be daunting if you’ve never had it done before. I remember my first manicure years ago and that ended up hurting quite a bit for a day or so. I needn’t have worried with the people at this salon. They took their time, worked gently, and I walked out looking like a million bucks. They do such great work here.

A Gift for My Mom That She Will Love

What do you get for a person who has everything? Usually, it is really great when someone does not need something, because that means they are living a pretty blessed life. It only turns into a problem when someone else has to buy that person a gift for a special occasion. That was the predicament I found myself in just about anytime a special occasion has come up for my mom. This year though, I am not going to struggle for something to get her for Christmas. I am going to look at huge Cyber Monday iPad deals and hopefully get one for her at a great price.

If my mom knew how to use an iPad, she would already have one, no doubt. Continue reading A Gift for My Mom That She Will Love

I Feel Better with a Shower Filter

I knew that I wanted to get a filtered shower head but I had no idea where to order one from. I looked at different companies, but this was something I had never purchased before so I had no idea which company was the best. After asking my friend’s husband, I felt much better about buying one from AquaBliss. He told me that is where he orders things like this, and he has never had a problem with them. He said the ordering is flawless, and if I would happen to order the wrong thing like he did once, they have no problem with returns.

He old me a few other reasons, but my main reason other than his recommendation was because of the pricing. It was the best of all the companies I had looked at, which was great now that I knew it was a quality company. I looked at different shower filters, and I was really impressed with the SF220 model. Continue reading I Feel Better with a Shower Filter

My Mom Moved to Tennessee

I was not sure what to do when my mom told me she wanted to move closer to me. I knew she would love the area, but I also knew that she would not stay with me. My home is always open to her, but she is just too independent. I decided the best thing I could do was to start looking at apartments in Kingsport TN so she could move here as soon as her house up north sold. She already had an interested buyer with someone else waiting in the wings if the deal fell through, so we expected the sale to be imminent.

I can understand why she would want to move down this way. Continue reading My Mom Moved to Tennessee