Two Girls Painting the Town Red

Getting out of a relationship can be great or terrible, depending on how you feel while in the relationship. I was in what I thought was a good relationship, but my partner didn’t feel the same way and broke up with me. I was devastated and angry at the same time. I used an escort to help me feel better about it. I figured that if males could have some fun with an escort, then I could do the same. I looked online for services that offered lesbian escorts in Provo UT, and found one that was to my liking.

The escort I chose was a beautiful woman with long hair. My ex had short hair, just like I did, and I liked it, but since I wanted to forget about her, I had to pick someone with a different hair style. The escort was very friendly the first time I met her, and we hit it off instantly. She’s met all kinds of people as an escort, some nice and some rude, but she told me that I was one of the nicer ones. We were both feeling a little hungry, so we went to a nearby restaurant for a quick bite.

We talked a bit during our meal and were able to have an engaging conversation. The fun didn’t stop there, because we went to a local arcade to do some cosmic bowling. I like to think of myself as a good bowler, but the escort showed me a thing or two that made me look like an amateur. She had some crazy spin moves that made it possible to hit all of the pins, even when she had a 7-10 split. She beat me, and it wasn’t even close. After that, we did some dancing and went back to my place. I’ve definitely got to go out with her again.

We Needed to Have Some Trees Cut Down

My husband and I bought an older house a few months ago. We were able to get it at an incredible price, and we knew that it had a lot of potential to it. Since we did get it so cheap, we knew that we had plenty of room in our budget to get things fixed up. One of the first things that we did was contact a tree service in Long Island because there were some trees right up against the house that did not look very healthy at all.

I had a feeling that one of the reasons why we were able to get the house for such a low price is because no one else wanted to deal how awful it looked on the outside. Continue reading We Needed to Have Some Trees Cut Down

Hydro Jetting Your Drain Lines for Free Flow

Hydro jetting as the words imply is the use of high-pressure blasts of water and steam to clean sewer lines and drains. The work is performed using specialized machines equipped with tanks and hoses to blast the water and steam and clear drain or sewer line clogs. Certified Sewer & Drain is the call most people make for a hydro jetting company in New Jersey. In addition to all the other drain cleaning, sewer cleaning and unclogging, and emergency plumbing services Certified has highly trained expert technicians available with the latest in equipment to accurately diagnose your drainage problems and when indicated perform a hydro jetting cleaning of your clogged lines.

Hydro jetting provides a highly successful method of removing clogs in your pipes without using any chemicals and thusly providing an environmentally friendly alternative in unclogging pipes and sewer lines. When a main sewer line is blocked by a major clog the preferred method of clearing the line is our hydro jetting service. Generally, when your main line is clogged up you will smell odors arising from the pipes that do not allow any water to flow through them. When you are faced with this situation a simple call to Certified Sewer & Drain will get the ball rolling to having your problem solved. Depending upon the situation, extent of clogging and the size of the pipe to be unclogged our equipment can achieve pressure levels of up to 10,000 psi to blast open the pipe.

Certified Sewer & Drain is confident that you will notice an immediate difference after hydro jetting your pipes-you will see pipes flowing as smoothly as when they were brand new. Once your pipes or sewer lines have been cleared of clogs and residue you will be able to treat the inside of your pipes with a sealant to prevent future clogs from building up in your pipes.

Hydro jetting is just one more tool in the Certified Sewer & Drain tool belt to swiftly and affordably treat your sewer problems.

My Uncle Caught a Thief

My Uncle Larry is one of the coolest human beings to even walk on the planet. He has always been like a second father to me. I used to love going to his house when I got the chance. I was always jealous of him because his house was so much bigger than mine. He takes good care of his home. Last week, a burglar tried to break in his beautiful home. Luckily, the burglars plans were thwarted. My Uncle Larry had ADT in Colorado Springs to thank for that. The security system stopped his home from being burglarized by a villainous thug.

My uncle lives alone at his home. He works very hard to maintain the lifestyle he wants. He is a proud employee of the Post Office. He has been working there for twenty years. He loves his job with a passion and would not trade it for the world. He loves to interact with new and familiar people on his routes every day. It brings him so much joy. His job also requires him to sometimes work long hours. Sometimes, he has to come home very late at night. Continue reading My Uncle Caught a Thief

Replacing an Employee with a Company

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, last month I had to fire one of my employees. This employee was one of my best, but he made a terrible mistake that cost him his job. He was in charge of doing Microsoft Excel programming in VBA, and without him, I had to find someone to quickly fill his role. One of my employees suggested that while I’m looking, I can hire an outside company to handle the necessary programming tasks. I was in a real bind, so I went with the idea and was able to find a company in less time than it took me to find the replacement.

The company and I were able to work together to get the programming work done, and I was quite pleased with their results. Continue reading Replacing an Employee with a Company

She Wants to Dance Like a Ballerina

My daughter is sometimes influenced by the things that she sees when watching television. Whenever she sees something in a movie that looks cool or fun to her, she just has to try it. One day I was watching a movie with her about a girl who becomes a ballerina and performs a famous dance number in a ballet. After seeing that movie, she wanted to take ballet classes in Toronto. Although my daughter sees fun things that she has to try, she doesn’t always stick with them. Just last year she was taking tennis lessons but gave up after she became tired of it. Continue reading She Wants to Dance Like a Ballerina

Competing on the Mobile Market

For the promotion of a smartphone app that I developed, I hired the Big 3 Singapore production company to create a video that would be used for advertisement. The app is a game that allows multiple users to connect to a network and play competitive matches against each other using a selection of characters that they can choose. Competitive gaming has become really popular here over the last few years, and I wanted to jump on the trend while it was still generating good business. In order to have more people flock to my game, I needed to have something that would make it stand out from the others.

The production company created a funny ad that featured a man facing off against one of the characters in the game. The man gets beaten fairly easily, but then transforms into a character from the game and then defeats the other character. The app is free to download and features a set of starter characters, but more can be purchased for a low price, or if the player has enough time and patience, they can unlock them using currency that they earn in the game through regular play with other people in matches.

The advertisement had a positive effect on the reception of the game. The download numbers for the game have been way beyond what I expected them to be. The game has become so popular that I’ve gotten a few inquiries from companies that want to expand the game into a franchise. They want to have toys, t-shirts, and even an animated series made from the game. I have to think about these offers carefully, because I can’t just have anyone handling my IP and doing whatever they want with it. I want anything associated with the game to be of the highest quality.

Our Dream Home That Isn’t Even Ready Yet

My wife told me that she wants us to invest in the Boulevard 88 Condo development. I had to chuckle because we had just moved to this condo that we are living in now a few years ago. We both knew that we were going to move again into a bigger one, but I just did not think that it would be this soon. She then told me that it is still in the development stage, so I had plenty of time to get used to the idea. She just wanted us to get signed up for the updated detail notifications that go out.

I saw no harm in that, so I told her to go ahead and get that ready for us. She went to the site where she had learned about Boulevard 88, and curiousity got the better of me. I knew that I had to look at the details with her because something had caught her interest very strongly on this. As I looked at the details that were given so far on the site, I found myself smiling at the possibilities. Continue reading Our Dream Home That Isn’t Even Ready Yet

Where to Find Information Before Purchasing a Guitar

I have been playing acoustic guitar in a band for over 20 years now and love what I do. A friend of mine approached me the other day wanting advice on buying a guitar for his son. He told me that his son is starting to show an interest in playing an electric guitar. I told him that I have limited knowledge about electric guitars and he should refer to Guitar Junky for the advice he is looking for. I let him know that their website has a lot of useful information for purchasing various instruments for beginners.

I went on to tell him that there are buying guides for the different categories of instruments that will show him the differences in specifications, materials used to build them along with a wide variety of price ranges. If he couldn’t find enough information in the buying guide there are also a lot of reviews that can assist him in making the right decision for not only his son’s abilities but also his budget. Continue reading Where to Find Information Before Purchasing a Guitar

I Love Buying Eccentric Items

I wanted to get a new phone case for my phone because my other one was starting to show its age. I looked at a few different sites, but it was not until I started looking at Harajuku Fever that I knew I had found the one that I wanted to get. There were so many different cool ones on that site, and I knew as soon as I saw the Sailor Moon phone cases that I was going to go ahead and buy one of them. Not only were they super cool and cute looking, but the prices were a lot cheaper than others that I had seen on the different websites.

I also liked this website for another reason too. While I had initially started looking at phone cases, I saw that they have so many other things on the site that interested me too. They have bags, shoes, clothing, and more. Continue reading I Love Buying Eccentric Items

Science and Tech for Kids

As a kid, I was always fascinated by the idea of robots. I wanted to build my own robot, but I didnt’ know anything about programming, and I couldn’t afford to buy any parts for a robot. Now that I’m older, I actually know about robots and how to make them. I made a prototype for a robot that kids could easily build on their own and program, but I wanted it to work with an app. I’m not that great at app making, so I found a mobile apps developer in Singapore that would be able to help me make one.

The app needed to be able to direct the actions of the robot beyond simply telling to go left and right. Continue reading Science and Tech for Kids

We Are Meant to Live Here

There is one reason that I wanted to look at the New Futura condo development. It is in the perfect location, and I knew that if the condos and exterior features were what I was imagining, that it would become my next home. I have a good imagination, but what I saw when I finally looked at some pictures and layouts of the condos really went above and beyond. Even if this development would have been in a different location, I would have fallen in love with what I saw there and chose it anyway.

My husband and I have three grown children, and they have blessed us with seven grandchildren between all of them. They all have their own homes, but the grandkids do come and stay with us for days at a time when they are able to. Continue reading We Are Meant to Live Here

My Dad Needed Help with His Cleaning Duties

My dad is probably the most stubborn man I know. I know how to deal with him though because I am probably the second most stubborn man I know. When his doctor told him to slow down so he could recuperate properly after a major illness, he was concerned enough to involve me in the conversation. Obviously, Dad’s doctor knows him well too! He told me that even basic things like bending over to clean the floor could hurt him, so I knew that I was going to contact a company that does cleaning services in Singapore.

I also knew that my dad was not going to be happy with this, but that was just tough. Even though he is stubborn and frustrating, I love him beyond words. Continue reading My Dad Needed Help with His Cleaning Duties

My Son is Even More Committed Now

While it is ideal for only enthusiastic people to go into the teaching field, it is not always the case. I know when I was in school, I did best in the classes where I knew the teacher was interested in actually having the class learn the material rather than just do enough to get by. My son has been lucky up until this last year in having teachers like that as well. His physics teacher was on the dull side though, which can make learning hard! I looked into physics tuition as soon as he told me that he was struggling in her class because I knew that this was a course that he needed to excel in.

The world has always used physics, but it is even more important today because of technology, space travel, and so much more. I knew that my son was going to use physics in the career choice he wanted, so it was important to help him have a solid foundation in it. Continue reading My Son is Even More Committed Now

I Make a Good Living at Doing What I Love to Do

I loved my job as a part time helper for Singapore citizens. I am really social, and I enjoy meeting new people all of the time. I found that I often ended up working for seniors because they always need an extra hand around their homes when getting things done becomes harder for them. Due to their age, a lot of them are retired. This means that they were often home when I went over to their house to get work done. Over time, I had really gotten to know quite a few of them quite well. I would say that they are all my friends. Then, one day, one of them hired me to help her out full time.

I do not do well as a loner. I love to get energy from other people, and I really like having the ability to do the same for other people as well. Continue reading I Make a Good Living at Doing What I Love to Do

I Am Looking for an Online School

The plan is pretty easy when you just say it. I am going to look for a jc physics tuition, on the web and keep working in the day time while I work on an associate’s degree at night. I figure that it could be done rather quickly if I was dedicated. Of course it is just a matter of whether or not you are willing to do the work that has to be done or not. You bear down and get it done as quickly as possible and then you have the degree. My boss will give me a good raise once I finish this part of it and that is the true objective. Of course my current job is just a way station in my mind. Continue reading I Am Looking for an Online School

We Should Respect the Office of the President of the United States

People today really seem to enjoy any sort of scandal. It could be something mild or serious. I call them “Springers” because they really do remind me of the audience of shows on TV like the Jerry Springer show. What is it that has us wanting to mind other people’s business so much? Our president seems to enjoy participating in some of these things, and the nation certainly hangs on every little bit of Trump news that comes out. There is an old saying how even bad publicity is good, but I cannot really buy into that. My upbringing tells me that we should not hang out dirty laundry or be nosy about our neighbors personal lives.

Politics has always been interesting as far as arguing, backbiting and backstabbing goes. Pretty much every American is familiar with the term “mudslinging” when it comes to politicians and elections. Continue reading We Should Respect the Office of the President of the United States

My Spouse Found a Great Way to Treat Her Back During a Very Trying Time

When my wife received a cancer diagnosis from her doctor, we were stunned at the amount of medication she needed to start taking. All of them were very important, so that wasn’t a problem. It is just a bit startling to go from not needing any prescriptions to suddenly needed many. It is for this reason that she chose to go to a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA when she suddenly began having issues with her back during that time of her life. She said that she felt more comfortable not adding any type of pain pills to the prescription regimen that she was already following for her treatment.

My wife and I are both lucky that she is cancer-free now. We are very aware of how many other people are not so lucky. I deem myself lucky because I certainly was not ready to lose my wife. Continue reading My Spouse Found a Great Way to Treat Her Back During a Very Trying Time

I Found a Much Better Apartment

Of course this was not the sort of place that I was looking for and the truth is that it does not seem to me as though it is going to be very long until a property developer comes along and runs me off. There is one going around this area buying up the local properties and then the first thing they do is try to run off the tenants. The place I live at has a TCM clinic on one corner of the ground floor and there are a number of shops and restaurants as well. Above that there are three stories and most of the flats are occupied by the same families that run the businesses on the ground floor. They apparently own a part of the building too, enough of it so that they can veto the deal to sell the place unless they really like it. The old guy that showed me the place told me as much at the time. He did not make me sign a lease and he told me there was a reason that he did not. Continue reading I Found a Much Better Apartment

I Met a Really Sweet Girl

I have been here in Singapore for about one and a half months at this date, already things have been going really well. I somehow got a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, though it was not through any skill of my own. I met the girl at this New Futura condo, a brand new high rise building where I was doing some inspections. At any rate she was one of the sales girls who shows off the condos and at first she believed that I was there to look at condos. I was working there for about a week and I ran into her about four or five times before she asked me out. Continue reading I Met a Really Sweet Girl