A Fresh Ride for the Prom

I enjoy being a senior in high school. One of our last memories of high school will be prom night. It is next week. I cannot wait until the big day. My friends and I are planning the best night that we can have. We have very nice dates and we want the best for them. I want everything to be perfect for my special lady. I have a nice evening planned for prom night. I am currently looking for Bristol chauffeurs to escort us to our many destinations on prom night. Our ideal driver is someone with a clean record and can drive defensively. We also need a quality driver for a fair and affordable price. The safety of my friends and I are of top priority.

My date to the prom is my girlfriend Jinju. She is from South Korea. This will be her first time attending a prom in an American high school. She is very beautiful and smart. When I saw her for the first time, I knew I was in love with her. I was so thrilled when she agreed to be my date to the prom. She already rented her dress for the prom. It is an elegant, blue dress. I cannot wait to see her in it. I am sure she will be so beautiful in it. We might so good, that we might get voted king and queen.

We have a special evening planned. First, our driver will pick us up from home. He will take us to the prom. We will stay there until it is over. After the prom, we will go to eat at a nice restaurant. I made reservations for us earlier. After our delicious meal, our driver will safely take us home for the evening. We will have so much fun. I think Jinju will be very pleased.