Getting Some Help for Chronic Back Pain That Just Would Not Go Away

There is not a lot I can say about my back pain other than it hurt and burned. It was an ache that was persistent, and I had pretty much figured it would always be there. It never fully went away, but I had some days that were far better than others. Some days the pain was so bad that I could not get comfortable standing, sitting or lying down. I have been to doctors who prescribed me painkillers that upset my stomach. My neighbor pushed me into going to a chiropractor in Camas WA for treatment.

It was my first experience with chiropractic medicine, and I was not holding out any hope of it actually doing me any good. I have heard all kinds of things from doctors, and none of it ever really helped. The medications would dull how I perceived the pain, but it did not take it away. However, I actually felt a bit better after having a spinal manipulation and massage therapy. I thought it just might be the feel good thing anyone would experience after a massage, but it lasted. I felt better the next day when I got up. That burning electrical kind of feel to the ache in my upper back was nowhere near as severe as it usually was.

It was because of this that I decided to go ahead and complete the therapy plan the chiropractor in Camas WA recommended for me. For each treatment I had, I began to feel a little better. BY the time I was done with the scheduled treatments, I was feeling tremendously better as far as my chronic back pain was concerned. It was like I had become another person. Someone who was not always dealing with a backache that just would not go away. The adjustments and massage therapy were really working for me.