Helped Ease a Bad Back Due to Pregnancy

A chiropractor in Beverly Hills helped me to survive my latest pregnancy. All mothers understand that each pregnancy can have its own ups and downs. Some lucky souls can fly through a pregnancy with almost no problems whatsoever. Those are the lucky ones. The rest of us have to wonder what horrible physical and mental conditions will arrive with carrying a new infant. Maybe it is morning sickness, muscle aches, nutritional deficiencies, or severe depression. I have three kids, and I have to say I’ve experienced different symptoms with each child. The last baby I carried was the worst, however.

My main problem with my final pregnancy was back pain. I wasn’t ready for it because I never experienced such excruciating pain before. Amazingly, I didn’t even associate the pain with carrying the baby. At first I thought I kept pulling a back muscle, or that my chair or my mattress was the problem. It wasn’t until I got to the point where I couldn’t remain on my feet for more than five minutes that it finally dawned on me that maybe this was related to the pregnancy. I went into my doctor and he ran a bunch of tests and said everything was fine.

It wasn’t, though, so I decided to look for a chiropractor and maybe get some sort of massage that would alleviate the agony. When I went in for the appointment, I was astonished to discover that the pain wasn’t muscle related but rather a spinal issue. That really worried me because I automatically assumed that would require vigorous stretches and pulling that might cause further injury or damage to the baby. Fortunately my chiropractor understood these issues and she was able to use very gentle manipulations that caused the pain to cease immediately. I’m on the cusp of having the child and haven’t had any pain since I went in for the appointment!