I Am Saving Up My Money

I have to figure out exactly what I am going to do, because I clearly need more money than I have before I go off to University. In fact I have been working a number of jobs and doing some things on the side. Today I picked up a little money doing flyer distribution in Singapore, which seems to be something that would embarrass some of my friends. I had to laugh at them acting as though this would bring shame to their families. It is a job, plain and simple. Obviously it is not the job that you would pick if you had the ability to choose from all of the jobs in the world, but they pay you and I need the money. So it does not bother me a bit. Of course for the most part people act as though you have the plague. Many of them take the flyers and throw them away without ever even looking at them, but it is not my job to make them read the things. So long as I get them to take the things I have done my part.

In fact I know that some of the people never give the flyers away. They go out and find something else to do and then they come back without the flyers to collect their pay. I did not ever think about doing anything like that. If you pay me to do something that is just what I am doing and it does not matter if someone is looking over my should or not. I am going to do it because that is the right thing to do. I have saved up plenty of money if I had no real expense, but that is not the case and it matters a lot for my future.