I Feel Better with a Shower Filter

I knew that I wanted to get a filtered shower head but I had no idea where to order one from. I looked at different companies, but this was something I had never purchased before so I had no idea which company was the best. After asking my friend’s husband, I felt much better about buying one from AquaBliss. He told me that is where he orders things like this, and he has never had a problem with them. He said the ordering is flawless, and if I would happen to order the wrong thing like he did once, they have no problem with returns.

He old me a few other reasons, but my main reason other than his recommendation was because of the pricing. It was the best of all the companies I had looked at, which was great now that I knew it was a quality company. I looked at different shower filters, and I was really impressed with the SF220 model. I had read about the effects of chlorine quite by accident, and I wanted to make sure that I was protecting myself and my family from any unintended consequences of having it in our water.

The shower filter that I picked out is quite powerful. It is able to remove not only chlorine but also heavy metals and things like bacteria and pesticides. Who even thinks about those things when they are taking a shower? I know I used to enjoy just relaxing under the hot stream of water beating down on me, never imagining the harm that I was doing to myself. Thankfully, once this filter was put on, I could stop thinking about the things that were going on my skin since they are now being filtered out. I cannot feel a difference, but I know that there is a huge one!