I Found a Much Better Apartment

Of course this was not the sort of place that I was looking for and the truth is that it does not seem to me as though it is going to be very long until a property developer comes along and runs me off. There is one going around this area buying up the local properties and then the first thing they do is try to run off the tenants. The place I live at has a TCM clinic on one corner of the ground floor and there are a number of shops and restaurants as well. Above that there are three stories and most of the flats are occupied by the same families that run the businesses on the ground floor. They apparently own a part of the building too, enough of it so that they can veto the deal to sell the place unless they really like it. The old guy that showed me the place told me as much at the time. He did not make me sign a lease and he told me there was a reason that he did not.

He made it pretty clear, that he was holding out for a great price and he had a number in his head. If the developer wanted to meet his demand then he and the others were willing to pack it up and find a new place to do their business. If they did not then they would be happy to stay where they were until the end of days. Of course I want them to stay put, because I did not ever think that there would be a decent place that I could afford in a good location for me. This is significantly less than my last apartment and it is a better place once you consider it all.