I Make a Good Living at Doing What I Love to Do

I loved my job as a part time helper for Singapore citizens. I am really social, and I enjoy meeting new people all of the time. I found that I often ended up working for seniors because they always need an extra hand around their homes when getting things done becomes harder for them. Due to their age, a lot of them are retired. This means that they were often home when I went over to their house to get work done. Over time, I had really gotten to know quite a few of them quite well. I would say that they are all my friends. Then, one day, one of them hired me to help her out full time.

I do not do well as a loner. I love to get energy from other people, and I really like having the ability to do the same for other people as well. I like to please people, make them happy and do things for them. So, working as someone who helps other people in their daily lives and getting paid for it really works out well. I always loved getting to hear about how each customer’s family was doing. They told me about their kids and their grandchildren. Often, they brought out photos to show me pictures of trips they had taken or the new babies born into the family.

I found myself easily liking one of my clients a lot. She’s talkative and sweet. She’s very open about her life. In return, I found myself being very open with her. I would clean her expansive home, and listen to her chatter away to me while I would work and share back as well. At some point, she asked if I would like to be her personal assistant. When she told me how much she was willing to pay me, I was stunned because it was more money than I had ever made before. I accepted her offer, and I love coming to work for her each day.