I Met a Really Sweet Girl

I have been here in Singapore for about one and a half months at this date, already things have been going really well. I somehow got a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, though it was not through any skill of my own. I met the girl at this New Futura condo, a brand new high rise building where I was doing some inspections. At any rate she was one of the sales girls who shows off the condos and at first she believed that I was there to look at condos. I was working there for about a week and I ran into her about four or five times before she asked me out. I was trying to be funny and that was because she had this delightful look on her face when she was happy. It was nothing like I was really working the full court press, in fact I did not think that I had much of a chance to be honest. This is a really good looking girl.

At any rate the truth is that the thing she likes best about me is not entirely flattering. I am going to be here for about a month or two longer and she knows it. That is exactly what she seems to want. Apparently she was in a relationship for a couple of years and it broke up some time ago. I am just a bridge to the future it would seem, but I am not really in the position where I want to complain about. We went out dancing last night and she sent me home with a kiss after I took her home. It was not the sort of kiss that made me think it was over though. I am going to pick her up in a couple of hours.