Looking for Fun and Finding Love

I love my boyfriend and he loves me but we are both very sexually charged people and sometimes, we are just not enough for each other. After talking at great length about how we could be completely satisfied in our relationship, we decided we should try some different things. These included some light bondage and a threesome. First we tried putting an add online saying we were a couple seeking third. Unfortunately, we did not have any luck with that. All the people we got into contact with were either not serious about meeting up or were just some perverts looking for us to send naked photos.

We figured that that was the end of it and we would just have to take our sexual explorations in another direction. One night a couple weeks after we had given up, we had our friend Sophie over. She is a total free spirit hippie type, so I figured if anyone would be understanding about our trying to find new things to do in the bedroom it would be her and I hoped maybe she might even give us some tips. When I told her about our striking out when looking for a third person to bring into the bedroom, I saw her eyes light up. I asked her straight out, would she be wiling to join us? After teasing me for a bit, she finally admitted she found us both very attractive and had had fantasies about a threesome with us for months now.

Having found someone who was interested and who we were both attracted to mentally and physically we didn’t waste any more time and instead jumped into bed together. Before long, we were doing all the usual couple stuff as a trio. We all fell in love with each other and have found a true satisfaction and happiness in a poly-amorous relationship. It might not be the right fit for everyone but it is perfect for us.