Low Prices for Self Storage

I am about to have to move and the place that I am moving to is much smaller than where I lived before It is kind of a shame, because it means I will have to look into self storage to use to store some of my stuff. I am not looking forward to the added expense of paying for a storage unit, but at the same time, I am not about to get rid of it, or something like that. It will just have to make itself work out, because I do not have another option and I am not going to just cram my new closet full of stuff. Besides, I do not even think it would fit if I tried to cram it all into my new space.

Part of the reason that I am going to have so much less space after I move is simply that I am going to be sharing my new apartment with a roommate, and at my last place, I had the apartment all to myself. One of the other reasons is just that I probably own more things than I really need to. But I really like most of my stuff, and so I can’t see getting rid of it. I guess I will start to look around and see if I see any options for storage that are convenient to me.

I want something that is going to be close to my new place to live, because that way it will not be out of the way to go and drop it off there when I am in the process of moving to the new place. I am not sure exactly when I am going to move yet, but I know that it is coming up rather quickly, and I am not as prepared as I should be.