My Cat Sent Me to the Chiropractor’s Office

I jolted out of bed one morning after our cat jumped on my back and dug deep with his claws when I was asleep. Days later I ended up in the office a chiropractor in Mesa because I hurt myself when I jumped out of bed that morning. I sure am happy that I feel much better now as a result of seeing the chiropractor. I spent a few days later shuffling around slowly because I was so stiff and sore after the morning incident.

I was outside working in the garden one day, and I heard a soft meow coming from nearby. I spun around quickly to try to figure out where the sound was coming from. As I neared the bush, the meowing grew louder and more insistent. I knew that it was a tiny kitten, and he sounded very scared. I thought he would run away, but he didn’t. The moment that I picked him up he started nursing on one of my fingers, and I knew right then that he was starving and lost.

The very day that I brought the kitten into the house, my husband and I both fell in love with him. He has been with us for four years now. We also have a dog, and we love him very much, too. He likes to give the cat a hard time, and we think that he may have chased our kitty into the room that morning and that’s why he jumped on my back. Considering the fact that we have no interest in giving either one of our furry family members up, I focused on getting help to fix the fallout that I suffered from that situation. I feel good again thanks to a chiropractor, and there have been no more surprises in bed from our pets since then.