My Dad Needed Help with His Cleaning Duties

My dad is probably the most stubborn man I know. I know how to deal with him though because I am probably the second most stubborn man I know. When his doctor told him to slow down so he could recuperate properly after a major illness, he was concerned enough to involve me in the conversation. Obviously, Dad’s doctor knows him well too! He told me that even basic things like bending over to clean the floor could hurt him, so I knew that I was going to contact a company that does cleaning services in Singapore.

I also knew that my dad was not going to be happy with this, but that was just tough. Even though he is stubborn and frustrating, I love him beyond words. I was going to make sure that he had all the help he needed. I can cook his meals for him and get him to rehab, but I knew that if my dad waited until I could come over to clean for him, he would already have started to try it on his own. I needed a cleaning service that would be able to go to his condo in the mornings so he would not attempt to do anything himself.

I looked at several, and Kleepers was the clear choice. Their prices are affordable, they hire only the best, and they have different packages so my dad would be able to get the cleaning options that he absolutely needed and none that he did not need. I was extremely surprised when I went to his house after work the first day his home was cleaned. I was surprised not because it was clean, because I expected that. No, my dad is the one who surprised me when he asked me why I didn’t hire a cleaning service for him before!