My Mom Moved to Tennessee

I was not sure what to do when my mom told me she wanted to move closer to me. I knew she would love the area, but I also knew that she would not stay with me. My home is always open to her, but she is just too independent. I decided the best thing I could do was to start looking at apartments in Kingsport TN so she could move here as soon as her house up north sold. She already had an interested buyer with someone else waiting in the wings if the deal fell through, so we expected the sale to be imminent.

I can understand why she would want to move down this way. She has three grandchildren that she only gets to see a couple of times a year. There was nothing holding her up north anymore, and she was just ready to be a full time grandma instead of a part time one twice a year. I was actually really excited for her, and I knew that my kids were happy that their grandmother was going to be living so much closer to us.

I looked at Country Shores apartment complex since that is the one that is the closest to me. I figured I would have to look at quite a few before I could determine which one was the one for her, but it turned out that Country Shores was the one. It is less than five minutes from us, and it is in a really good section of town. The apartments are nice and well maintained. When we went there to look at an apartment in person, we saw other people around her age there too. She moved there less than two months later, and life has really gotten better for all of us now that she is more involved.