My Sister and I Are Roommates Again

My sister found apartments for rent in 89129 and promptly moved out, which was a really upsetting incident for me. Ever since we were little, we always roomed together. Some of my earliest memories involve the both of us lying in our beds at night just talking and laughing about boys, school, friends, and life. Even throughout high school we still stayed together in our room. Then she graduated, got a couple of jobs, went to school, and moved out so she could have her own place. I so wanted to move in with her, but with me still being in high school it wasn’t going to happen.

Then two marvelous things happened in quick succession. My Dad got a job transfer to another state and my sister lost one of her part-time job. My parents wanted to take me with them, but also didn’t want to pull me out of school right before I graduated. They also didn’t have enough money to help my sister make her rent. My sister got the bright idea that I move in with her at her apartment complex, get a job to help with rent, and then I could finish up school.

I’d been over to her apartment before, but I went over again to check things out. It’s really a great place. The atmosphere is so mellow, the people who live there aren’t above having some fun now and again, and there will be plenty of room in the apartment for my stuff. The management seemed very cool about me moving in and all we had to do was sign some paperwork. I can’t wait to live with my sister. It will be just like the old days expect without our parents around to ruin all the fun. It’s going to be an adventure for sure!