My Son is Even More Committed Now

While it is ideal for only enthusiastic people to go into the teaching field, it is not always the case. I know when I was in school, I did best in the classes where I knew the teacher was interested in actually having the class learn the material rather than just do enough to get by. My son has been lucky up until this last year in having teachers like that as well. His physics teacher was on the dull side though, which can make learning hard! I looked into physics tuition as soon as he told me that he was struggling in her class because I knew that this was a course that he needed to excel in.

The world has always used physics, but it is even more important today because of technology, space travel, and so much more. I knew that my son was going to use physics in the career choice he wanted, so it was important to help him have a solid foundation in it. I knew the answer was not taking him out of that class and having him take it the following year with a different teacher, because he would always be one year behind that way.

No, the answer was to get a qualified teacher who was going to not only feed my son’s interest in it but build upon it as well. I found that with the tutor that has helped my son by leaps and bounds. He only teaches in group settings, and that is what my son wanted. He wants to talk with the other students rather than just the teacher, because learning comes not only by instruction but also interaction. Since he started taking the physics tutoring every week, his grade has improved so much. Even better, he is more committed to what he wants to do than ever before!