My Spouse Found a Great Way to Treat Her Back During a Very Trying Time

When my wife received a cancer diagnosis from her doctor, we were stunned at the amount of medication she needed to start taking. All of them were very important, so that wasn’t a problem. It is just a bit startling to go from not needing any prescriptions to suddenly needed many. It is for this reason that she chose to go to a chiropractor in Bakersfield CA when she suddenly began having issues with her back during that time of her life. She said that she felt more comfortable not adding any type of pain pills to the prescription regimen that she was already following for her treatment.

My wife and I are both lucky that she is cancer-free now. We are very aware of how many other people are not so lucky. I deem myself lucky because I certainly was not ready to lose my wife. We’ve been married for 40 years, and that’s not very long after you’ve been with someone for that amount of time. The numbers may make a person think it’s a long time, but when it is you personally and you feel and live those years, you’ll find that they don’t feel that long at all. I did all that I could to support her through her illness, and I found myself worrying incessantly if I did enough for her, too.

When my wife was not feeling very good from her chemo treatments, she told me that she had a nagging pain in her back. She didn’t want to take anything for it, so she tried to deal with the pain by herself. Finally, she told me that she was going to go to a chiropractor to see if that would provide her any relief. It did. Even though she is healthy once again, she said there is no need for her to go back to taking over the counter treatments. Instead, she goes to see her chiropractor even now.