My Uncle Caught a Thief

My Uncle Larry is one of the coolest human beings to even walk on the planet. He has always been like a second father to me. I used to love going to his house when I got the chance. I was always jealous of him because his house was so much bigger than mine. He takes good care of his home. Last week, a burglar tried to break in his beautiful home. Luckily, the burglars plans were thwarted. My Uncle Larry had ADT in Colorado Springs to thank for that. The security system stopped his home from being burglarized by a villainous thug.

My uncle lives alone at his home. He works very hard to maintain the lifestyle he wants. He is a proud employee of the Post Office. He has been working there for twenty years. He loves his job with a passion and would not trade it for the world. He loves to interact with new and familiar people on his routes every day. It brings him so much joy. His job also requires him to sometimes work long hours. Sometimes, he has to come home very late at night. Unfortunately, a lot of bad things can happen at night.

One night, my uncle was enjoying a relaxing night at home. He was in bed and enjoying his favorite late night shows. Suddenly, he thought he heard a noise downstairs, but he ignored. He continued to hear a thumping noise at his front door. He heard glass from the door window break. His security alarm went off loudly. My uncle pushed the police button for the authorities to arrive. The burglar got scared and ran away from the home. Luckily, the police saw him running away and captured him. My uncle was really lucky that he had his security system to protect him.