Never Invest in a Business with Relatives!

It’s no surprise, in retrospect, that I ended up looking online for a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney. My sister, who has always been irresponsible, came up with some business scheme involving a nightclub. At first I wanted nothing to do with it considering her track record, but our mother lobbied hard for my sister and said I’d had a lot of success in life and that I should help my sister. Against my better judgment, I decided to invest one hundred thousand dollars in the venture. That seemed an affordable amount, and normally it would’ve been. Then my sister got her hands on the money.

To make a long story short, my sister put almost everything in my name and proceeded to blow through the money very quickly. Worse, she racked up a large debt beyond that amount and the business quickly foundered. You can imagine my surprise when I found out I was on the hook for a half million dollars. Furious doesn’t describe my reaction. I knew I needed a bankruptcy lawyer to staunch the bleeding. I found a great firm online and I was able to take in documents and financial statements so that we could come with a plan.

I wasn’t looking to stiff all the creditors. In fact, I could pay off the debt, but I needed time. We went with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan that allows you to restructure your debt load so that it is affordable to pay it off in a timely manner. Nonetheless I haven’t talked to my sister in a month and have no intention of doing so soon. It’s going to take me three years to clear up this mess, and it’s all on her shoulders. I would sue her for the money but I know she doesn’t have any!