Our Little Girl is Growing Up Way Too Fast

My wife and our little girl went to get their nails done today. It was a mommy and daughter day. I say little girl, but she is a teenager now. She came back with watermelons painted on her fingernails, and my wife got the French nail design. They go to a place that paints designs, uses decals and even does acrylic nails in Singapore. It was one of those dad moments when I saw our young teenager with watermelon nails. It had the cute factor that reminded me of when she was younger, but her hair and features now were losing that little girl look. I was having a hard time even considering that our little girl was becoming a woman. That is a freaky time for dads everywhere. My mind was jumping ahead to when she would be married and bringing home a little girl of her own. Too much to think about just because of a trip to a local nail salon in Singapore.

My wife’s nails looked elegant and refined. I don’t know how she keeps them looking that way since she is no stranger to using tools, painting, working outside or getting her hands dirty. She does insist on wearing gloves when working now. I suppose that one little trick helps a lot. I like the feel of the dirt on my hands when outside in our garden. My wife used to paint our daughter’s nails, and they would be wrecked before the end of the day. There would be chipped nail polish and dirt under her nails. She would play hard outside. Now, her little watermelon design will last a lot longer. She does her mom’s trick of wearing gloves doing dishes or working outside now. I actually dread the day she wants to get the same nail design that her mom gets. I want to see her with watermelon nails for along time to come.