Replacing an Employee with a Company

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, last month I had to fire one of my employees. This employee was one of my best, but he made a terrible mistake that cost him his job. He was in charge of doing Microsoft Excel programming in VBA, and without him, I had to find someone to quickly fill his role. One of my employees suggested that while I’m looking, I can hire an outside company to handle the necessary programming tasks. I was in a real bind, so I went with the idea and was able to find a company in less time than it took me to find the replacement.

The company and I were able to work together to get the programming work done, and I was quite pleased with their results. They were able to match the output of the employee that I had to fire. Because of this, I was open to the idea of using the company a little while longer during the search for a replacement. The same employee who suggested that I use the company also suggested that I could try using them for long term services. The idea behind this suggestion was that by using them long term, I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a replacement, and I could save money by not having to pay a full salary to a new employee.

The idea was pretty sound, so now the company handles all of the programming work in Excel for my company. I guess the firing was a blessing in disguise. I hope I won’t have to fire any more people, because I don’t want to have to look for any more employees or a service to replace them. In a worst case scenario, I have an employee who can come up with some pretty good ideas.