Science and Tech for Kids

As a kid, I was always fascinated by the idea of robots. I wanted to build my own robot, but I didnt’ know anything about programming, and I couldn’t afford to buy any parts for a robot. Now that I’m older, I actually know about robots and how to make them. I made a prototype for a robot that kids could easily build on their own and program, but I wanted it to work with an app. I’m not that great at app making, so I found a mobile apps developer in Singapore that would be able to help me make one.

The app needed to be able to direct the actions of the robot beyond simply telling to go left and right. I wanted kids to be able to direct it to follow specific patterns, detect lights and sounds, and even figure out where certain obstacles were in the path of the robot. This was a way to reach kids to make a robot that could essentially think for itself once the programming was done. I figured if kids were able to become interested in robots like I was at a young age, they would go on to become great scientists and robot makers in the future.

The app turned out pretty well, and the developers were able to add in some things that I didn’t even think about. They made it possible for people to combine certain features of the robot to make it perform like real world animals. By adjusting walking patterns and sensor detection, they could make the robot walk like a spider, attack like a wild cat, and even climb like a snake. Kids have really taken a liking to the app and the robot and parents all over are rushing to the stores to buy it.