Started Planning My Next Holiday

I have started to think about what I am going to do for my next holiday. There are a number of options, for example last year I went camping. I rented a caravan and stayed at a couple of really nice campgrounds in the Welsh mountains. I am thinking about what are the best UK casinos for me to stay at, although that is not so easy to be sure that you can control the urge to gamble. I have to figure out a few things about that before it really becomes much of an option, since you are not really sure what it is going to cost you. In theory you might manage to break even or even to come out ahead, but that seems really unlikely in the real world. It is certainly not something that you would want to bet upon, that is a pun obviously and not a very good one.

I have been thinking about a trip to France as well, although I mean the parts of France which are close to the Channel Tunnel. I know this guy who talks about his trip to Bordeaux, which is not really that far away. I am guessing that they have plenty of beaches and I wonder how hard it would be to rent a caravan. Of course my car is not going to pull a huge one, but I do not really need to have a big one. There is only the one of me, although I would certainly want to be prepared for two if that chance were to come along. The idea is to have a lot of fun and that is obviously a great deal of fun. I have to figure out a lot of different things to make it work out the way I need.