The Hair That Binds Us

When my little cousin went through chemotherapy which resulted in the loss of her hair, I knew I had to find the perfect wig for her. It’s awful to see a little girl lose all the hair that she’s ever had. It devastated her which broke my heart – all our family’s heart. Having long hair myself, I felt something close to shame for having all this hair while she had nothing at all. It was illogical of course but it was still the feeling that drove me to check out curly hair extensions and others on the web.

What I found was ann entire industry and market that surroudns people selling their hair which in return is made into wigs. It kind of blew my mind but I had found exactly what I was looking for – somewhat. Instead, what I really wanted was to find a wig maker who could take my hair and turn it into a wig for my cousin. She had commented so often on how much she liked my hair and how pretty she thought it was. It was the least that I could do. She had survived cancer but lost her hair and her health in the process. If I could do more, I would have.

The woman I met who offered to take the task I had set out to accomplish told me, after we had cut my hair and started on the wig, that hair like mine would have gone for an easy $1,500 on the market. My mind was utterly blown. I reeled from it. She informed me that kinky and curly hair was even more valuable – not many women are willing to go through the process of growing out such unruly hair which makes it worth even more!