The Massage Really Works Well

It’s funny I went to a chiropractor in San Jose for a massage, but that’s exactly what I did during my recent pregnancy. My first pregnancy was marvelous. I had no morning sickness, very little discomfort, and an easy birthing process. I thought my second pregnancy would be a stroll in the park and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This pregnancy has just been awful. The worst is the sore and tired muscles. I ache all the time and my muscles are so tired that I lack the strength to do the most basic activities.

A friend who went through a similar pregnancy suggested I go to a chiropractor she visited for her problems. I laughed out loud because I associate chiropractors with back pain. She said this clinic used massage for numerous conditions, and that it helped her so much that it was a blessing. She couldn’t sleep due to muscle fatigue, but once she went in for the massage she slept like a baby. I thought I had nothing to lose and I trusted her so I made an appointment and crossed my fingers. Worst case scenario it wouldn’t work but I’d get a nice massage out of it.

I’m here to say not only did it work, it worked marvelously! It was so relaxing and I noticed almost immediately that all the fatigue and ache just vanished. I thought I was lacking something in my diet that caused the discomfort and the people at the clinic said that sometimes during a pregnancy the fetus draws off many of the nutrients we need to have proper muscle function. They recommended I take some magnesium supplements and return for more massages. I’m sold on it. I haven’t felt this good in months and I highly recommend this clinic for women with a similar problem.