The Sacramento HVAC Services Repair Technician Got Our Old AC System Running Like New Again

Hot was an understatement. It was above the average temperature for that week by a good margin. Of course, that is the time the air conditioner decides to go on the blink. It was so hot in our house that we were calling to make reservations to stay at a local hotel. I figured that we would have to wait for a couple of days to get it fixed due to so many service calls coming in because of the mini heat wave. I called a company that provides Sacramento HVAC services, and they said they could send someone out in about an hour. I was a bit nervous thinking I might have called a place that no one wants to use. However, they assured me that they anticipate the mad rush for service calls in the summer and winter, and they make sure they are ready.

It was a little less than an hour later that an HVAC repair specialist showed up at our door. He came in and assessed what the problem was immediately. Our central air system was over two decades old, and the refrigerant level had dropped to a point that the safety switch on the compressor shut it down to protect the compressor from overheating. There was no big leak, but the system was losing refrigerant very slowly over time. He said that we would do well to start saving for replacement, but that he could have it running again in about an hour.

Part of the repair was to clean the outdoor coils to stop the freezing up inside that was occurring for us too. The combination of low refrigerant and dirty outdoor heat exchange coils was ruining what was left of the ability our old AC system had. The repair had our AC system performing like it had not been able to do in years. It was actually comfortably cool in our house again rather than just being tolerable.