They Make Dentist Trips Fun for My Son

When my son turned three years old, I knew I needed to get him into the dentist. I wanted to choose one that was really good with kids though, so I thought a pediatric dentist would be best. I could not find one that I was completely happy with, so I asked a woman at work who has a son just a little older than my son. I had emailed her about it, and she sent me back an email with a link that said to click here. It took me to the dental website of D’Amico and Mauck.

I noticed that they were not specifically pediatric dentists, but that they do see children as young as my son. In fact, they recommend that any child over the age of three start seeing them, mainly to ensure that their teeth are progressing the way that a child’s teeth should. She told me that the office is always very welcoming, and her son loves waiting to see the dentist there. They decorate it for every season, plus their are fish tanks in the wall that puts her son in a very calming mood.

Since my own little one can be quite rowdy, I thought that would really help him too. I made an appointment, and everyone there treated my little boy like he was royalty. He ate it up, and I did too. When it came time for him to go back, he was all smiles, looking forward to this new adventure. That is how they approached it too. Their dental staff has the right attitude to work on children, as they make it very fun and exciting rather than something that they need to be afraid of. I was so impressed that I even go there now along with my husband.