We Are Meant to Live Here

There is one reason that I wanted to look at the New Futura condo development. It is in the perfect location, and I knew that if the condos and exterior features were what I was imagining, that it would become my next home. I have a good imagination, but what I saw when I finally looked at some pictures and layouts of the condos really went above and beyond. Even if this development would have been in a different location, I would have fallen in love with what I saw there and chose it anyway.

My husband and I have three grown children, and they have blessed us with seven grandchildren between all of them. They all have their own homes, but the grandkids do come and stay with us for days at a time when they are able to. Because of this, we wanted at least a three bedroom condo, and we were able to get that here at New Futura. The layout is really nice that each bedroom has its own private bath, and there is a balcony that offers us the most splendid view ever. That is not all though.

There are so many things here to do for all of us. My husband and I no longer have to drive to the fitness center we were members of because we have our own within a minute’s walk outside our front door. We also have swimming pools, reading nooks, walking trails, a playground for the younger kids, and much more. There is even a doggy park when our grandson can take his dog when they both come to visit. The location is definitely the best part too, because we are just minutes away from the shops and restaurants that we love to frequent. This is definitely where we are meant to be.