We Have Started the House Hunt

It is not really that pressing of a matter, because we do not really have the money saved that we are going to need for the down payment. Obviously all of the other stuff that you need to know and that you need to do are secondary to the actual possession of the money you need. I have started to look around at the best realtors in Denver and also I am trying to think about what you can do without one of them. In fact it is obvious that they are not going to do this for free, but they claim that the realtor is going to save you money. They are obviously going to know things that you do not and it is going to above all save you time and trouble, because you will not have to learn all of the things that you never had to know

We are not really thinking about a big house now, because it would take us a lot of time to get to where that was practical. Instead we are thinking about just getting our toe in the water so to speak. We want to get a house where we can get equity in, so that it is like an investment. Right now the money we spend on rent is going to go some place where we are not going to see it again. This way the money we put in our house payments is going to be there for us when we decide to sell this place and get a bigger house, which is going to be when we decide that our family is not as big as it needs to be. Of course that costs lots of money as well, so we are not in a hurry for that either.