We Needed to Have Some Trees Cut Down

My husband and I bought an older house a few months ago. We were able to get it at an incredible price, and we knew that it had a lot of potential to it. Since we did get it so cheap, we knew that we had plenty of room in our budget to get things fixed up. One of the first things that we did was contact a tree service in Long Island because there were some trees right up against the house that did not look very healthy at all.

I had a feeling that one of the reasons why we were able to get the house for such a low price is because no one else wanted to deal how awful it looked on the outside. I am not talking about the house itself but rather all the trees that were surrounding it as well as the overgrown weeds. Those did not phase us though because we could see beyond them. We figured that the majority of the trees would need to come down because they looked very diseased. We are not experts though, which is why we had a tree company come out and tell us what our options were with them.

The person who came out to give us some answers as well as a quote did not take long to determine the trees were too far gone to be saved, at least the ones right up by the house. There were maybe a dozen trees sitting away from them that just needed to be trimmed, and I was glad that we would at least be able to keep some of them. The price he quoted us was very reasonable, and he was able to have his crew come out and remove all the trees before we started any of the other work there. Seeing the house for the first time without the trees made us realize just what a bargain we got because it is beautiful!