We Should Respect the Office of the President of the United States

People today really seem to enjoy any sort of scandal. It could be something mild or serious. I call them “Springers” because they really do remind me of the audience of shows on TV like the Jerry Springer show. What is it that has us wanting to mind other people’s business so much? Our president seems to enjoy participating in some of these things, and the nation certainly hangs on every little bit of Trump news that comes out. There is an old saying how even bad publicity is good, but I cannot really buy into that. My upbringing tells me that we should not hang out dirty laundry or be nosy about our neighbors personal lives.

Politics has always been interesting as far as arguing, backbiting and backstabbing goes. Pretty much every American is familiar with the term “mudslinging” when it comes to politicians and elections. Both sides go at it telling how their opponents are a poor choice for the office, but the funny thing is that one of them ends up getting elected. There are even companies out there that will hire people to protest or cause a scene to make anyone look good or bad. President Trump’s shouting about fake news has a strong element of truth to it. Even if a news agency attempts to be completely truthful, there are companies in existence that you can hire that will do things to get your idea, cause or whatever in the news.

I think we need to be careful about what we believe when it comes to just about anything. I also think that we really do need to respect the office of the President of the United States even if it is not our chosen candidate who holds it. I would like to see us all working together to make our nation better and stronger rather than just slinging mud.