What a Medical Student Does when He Hurts His Back

I am paying my way through college working in a tire shop all day on Saturdays and Wednesdays and cleaning the waiting area and restrooms every weekday evening. I am young and reasonably strong, but I hurt myself. I put new tires on the rims, balance them and lift them back onto the vehicles where I bolt them back on. I was lifting a big tire and rim on a pickup truck and felt a pain in my back. It was my fault for not doing it the right way. I went to see a chiropractor in Redding CA after it kept hurting for a few more days.

I did not tell anyone about it. If I told my employer, I would have been sent to see a doctor and would probably have to undergo imaging that used ionizing radiation. I had several CT scans as a child, and I was really wanting to limit exposure to excessive radiation for the rest of my adult life to lower my risk in the future of cancers. I read all the studies, as this was what I was going to school for. Anyway, I went to see a chiropractor in Redding CA to get relief for this pinched nerve in my upper back. I knew it was not a pulled muscle or just muscle strain due to how long it was continuing to bother me. Plus, I am very familiar with the symptoms of issues with nerve conduction due to pressure causing inflammation on a nerve. I even knew which vertebra was pinching which nerve.

The chiropractor figured I was a medical student after two minutes of conversation with him. He said it was either that or I had a good memory for stuff I read on Google! We laughed about that. It took about a week of going in for three visits for spinal adjustments for this subluxation. Now the pain is gone and I no longer have to favor that arm and shoulder on the job. However, I will use a tire lift next time I am working with big truck tires.