When Your Child Has His First Bad Toothache, You Find a Dentist Fast

I would say that it would be rare for a kid to go through childhood without a toothache. I would say it is especially true with all the sugars in the foods kids typically eat. Can you imagine that cereal is advertised as being healthy, and sugar is almost always the second or third ingredient? Well, we go easy on the breakfast cereals, but we still have a kid that got his first bad toothache. We had just moved within the last few weeks, and we found ourselves looking for a good dentist for Denver CO. When you have a child with a toothache, you need an appointment in a hurry.

I am very happy they were able to see us right away. I have been in the situation of having a terrible toothache and having to wait days for a dental appointment. I actually ended up in the ER once with the pain from an abscess. Even though they said I had a bad infection and they gave me IV antibiotics and injected painkillers, they still did not take out the tooth. I had to make an appointment with an oral surgeon to have it done. It was literally the worst pain I remember experiencing when I had that abscess.

Fortunately, our son just had a cavity that was getting close to the nerve. He did not need a root canal, but he did need a filling. This one came on kind of quick as he had been to the dentist within the last six months. This just goes to show you that teeth need more than just an annual exam. We all go every six months for a full exam. We were not even late even though we had the big move to Colorado. It was just that our son was first to go because of the pain. An hour later with a nice new resin filling that matched his teeth perfectly, he was pain free and feeling great. Well, except for the residual numbness from the lidocaine.