Where to Find Information Before Purchasing a Guitar

I have been playing acoustic guitar in a band for over 20 years now and love what I do. A friend of mine approached me the other day wanting advice on buying a guitar for his son. He told me that his son is starting to show an interest in playing an electric guitar. I told him that I have limited knowledge about electric guitars and he should refer to Guitar Junky for the advice he is looking for. I let him know that their website has a lot of useful information for purchasing various instruments for beginners.

I went on to tell him that there are buying guides for the different categories of instruments that will show him the differences in specifications, materials used to build them along with a wide variety of price ranges. If he couldn’t find enough information in the buying guide there are also a lot of reviews that can assist him in making the right decision for not only his son’s abilities but also his budget. I also let him know that I have used this exact same website several times before purchasing acoustic guitars for myself and will definitely use it again for future purchases.

I think it is wonderful any time a child is interested in learning how to play an instrument. It is a great way to open doors to new and exciting adventures. They may or may not continue to play it for a long time but none the less it sure is a great learning experience. I wish more children had the desire to learn to play and love it when they show even a little bit of interest. It could open up a lot of doors for them and who knows they may even be able to make a living doing what they love.